VentureGPS by Time Management


Reports that keep you informed of vehicle history

Our GPS Fleet Tracking Reports paint a clearer picture of your driver's day than what he/she may be willing to tell you.

Ask yourself these questions about your drivers:

  • What time did he start his day?
  • What time did he arrive?
  • How fast did he drive?
  • Which route did he take?
  • How many miles were driven?
  • How long was he there?
  • Was the truck left idling? For how long?

VentureGPS will answer these questions and more.

Some of our reports:

  • Detailed Vehicle History
  • Exceptions (Filtered View)
  • Event History
  • Location Frequency
  • Mileage by State
  • Idling
  • Speed Violations
  • Timecard
  • and more…