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Real-time Hardware (Products: Responder, Venture)

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XR2001 Wiring DiagramInstall Diagram for XR2001 Unit
XR Series LED ExplanationThe meanings of the lights on the front of XR Series vehicle units

Passive Hardware (Products: G4, G5)

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G5 SoftwareInstall / User Guide for G5 Unit Software
G5 Hardware Install GuideInstall Guide for G5 vehicle units

Software Support


CautionIf you purchased your G5 system prior to 2013 and are upgrading to a new computer then you may need to send in your office unit to be reprogrammed to work with Windows 7 and 8.


Not to be confused with the G4 Echo Suite. This software was first released in 2009. It is a web-uploading software just like the TMI Passive Suite.

Products supported: G5 vehicle unit (32 or 64bit Windows), G4 vehicle unit (32bit Windows ONLY)

Computers supported: Windows XP SP 3, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

Not Supported: To run this software with G4 hardware you must be on a 32bit version of Windows, not 64bit.

Software Download

Instructions: Please read all of the instructions before installing to make sure that your computer meets the software requirements. [ Download Instructions ]

Step 1: MSDE: This will install the database engine on your computer. REBOOT AFTER THIS STEP [ Download MSDE ]

Step 2: Database Code: This will install the database code. A DOS window will pop-up and a bunch of numbers will scroll by fast. [ Download Database Code ]

Step 3: G-Echo Program: This will install the G-Echo Program. [ Download G-Echo ]

Optional Step: G4 USB Driver: For G4 hardware only. This is the driver software that you need to get your ADL Base station running. [ USB Driver ]

Optional Fixes

Fix DB1: If you install the database code more than once then you will cause your vehicle list in G-Echo to blank out. Run this to fix the database. [ Fix DB1 ]